Meet The Team

Abigail is a PhD student at Ariel University, where she is studying archaeology. She has a Master’s degree in Biblical History and Archaeology from The Bible Seminary. She is the Assistant Dig Director at the Shiloh excavations in Israel and has served as Objects Registrar and Square Supervisor at both Shiloh and Khirbet el Maqatir. She has also worked at the Mount Zion excavation in Jerusalem and at the Temple Mount Sifting Project.
Christian is an undergrad geology student out of the University of Maine. An author and science writer, he has been obsessed with dinosaurs and other long-extinct animals since the age of nine. As time went on, he developed an interest in geology as well. His current area of interest is correlating the events recorded in the Book of Genesis with distinct eras of Earth history as recorded in its geologic record. When he's not skimming a technical paper on the latest dinosaur discovery, you're likely to find Christian working on his latest novel.
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Ken Coulson originally hails from Brisbane, Australia. He earned his PhD in Earth Science from Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California. His dissertation was on Cambrian stromatolites/microbialites, their formation and environmental significance. It was while pursing his degree in geology that he met and married his beautiful wife, and with whom he now has three wonderful children. He has recently relocated to Brisbane, Australia.
Dr. Wise earned his BA in geology from the University of Chicago, and his MA and PhD degrees in paleontology from Harvard University. He founded and directed the Center for Origins Research at Bryan College and taught biology there for 17 years. He then led the Center for Theology and Science at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for 3 years, before founding and directing the Center for Creation Research and teaching biology at Truett McConnell University for the last 7 years. His fieldwork has included research in early Flood rocks in the Death Valley region, late Flood rocks in Wyoming, and post-Flood caves in Tennessee.
Noel is a graduate biology student at Loma Linda University. Her particular interests center around taphonomy. She has done research on a dinosaur bonebed in Wyoming. Before attending graduate school, she studied the morphology of Triassic phytosaurs with Dr. Matt McLain, presenting her research at the Creation Biology Society meeting (2017), the WCBSUR conference (2018), and the Geological Society of America meeting (2019). Noel is passionate about learning about and teaching science from a biblical worldview.
Peter is a highschool graduate with an interest in paleoanthropology. For several years, he has been working with Dr. Todd Wood on baraminological studies of human and ape fossils. He enjoys studying minerals and fossils, and has a college collection with thousands of specimens. Peter also runs a small YouTube channel where he discusses young earth creationism and fossils.
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Sara was a student at Cedarville University and just graduated with her B.S. Geology degree in May 2021. This summer she will attend geologic field training as her capstone course. She enjoys reading scientific articles in geology and philosophy of science, as well as going on field trips out west. Sara has done research on radiohalos and a dinosaur femur under Dr. Andrew Snelling and Dr. John Whitmore’s guidance and has two publications in the OSGC 2020 and 2021 symposium.