A Deep Dive into Creation Research

Creation science is a developing field of research that attempts to understand the physical world God created in the light of what He has revealed to us in His Word. The past sixty years or so has seen a growing number of scientists in various fields who accept a young-earth creationist viewpoint and are attempting to develop models that explain the world around us. Here, you will find more information on these various research ventures.

Feathered by Design Series

The past twenty years or so has seen the discovery of a plethora of bird-like dinosaurs, many apparently doused with feathers. Some, like the four-winged Microraptor may have been capable of flight. Still others, like Yutyrannus, are towering theropods covered in a shaggy coat of filamentous plumage. Even some of our old favorites, like Velociraptor, have undergone a feathery makeover because of recent discoveries. What should creationists make of these enigmatic creatures? In this series, we will examine and attempt to answer some of the important questions that have arisen about these marvels of God’s design.

Pilgrimage Through the Precambrian Series

We often admire the fossil-rich rock layers on our planet’s surface. Many of these were likely formed during the cataclysmic Flood of Noah’s day. But did you know that there are thousands of feet of rock layers beneath these that contain no fossils of dinosaurs or mammals, no insects or plants? Yet, they carry a history of past calamities shaped by earth, water, and fire. Geologists label these rocks as…the “Precambrian!” According to old-earth geologists, Precambrian rocks make up some four billion years of earth history. How should Christians reconcile these thick sequences of rock with the young-earth timescale recorded in the Book of Genesis? Navigating this geological conundrum will require us to embark on a pilgrimage through the Precambrian.

Homo naledi News

Is Homo naledi an ape or a human? Keep up to date on the news and research surrounding this intriguing hominin discovery as scientists —both creationist and secular— try to answer this question for themselves.

Where is Noah’s Flood in the Geologic Record?

Young-earth creationists believe Noah’s Flood to have been global in its extent. It forever reshaped our planet’s surface. However, determining where the Flood layers start (the pre-Flood/Flood boundary) and end (the Flood/post-Flood boundary) is perhaps the most widely discussed and hotly debated field of young-earth geology research.