How Do I Get Involved in Creation Science?

Want to learn more about getting involved in creation science? Our staff has put together some advice for those interested in digging into the world of creation research. 

Do some reading. Here are some great books to get you started:

  • Faith, Reason, and Earth History by Leonard Brand and Art Chadwick. The editorial staff here at New Creation think that this is perhaps the best creation philosophy of science book to begin your journey. Plus, you can download it for free!
  • The Quest by Todd Wood. This is a great book following a creation scientist’s journey to answer the hardest questions in God’s creation. Learn how he discovered how science and the biblical creation account can walk hand-in-hand even when faced with uncertainties.
  • The New Creationism by Paul Garner. In this read, you can get an excellent introduction to the basic issues and questions in creation science.

For some more book lists, check out this page and this page.

Seek out a solid education. If you want to do scientific research, you need to have the education and qualifications to do so. Going to a university and getting a relevant degree in the field you want to study is so critical. There are also several Christian, creationist-minded colleges and universities you can attend to get biblical scientific training. Not all of these schools have every science major out there, but are a great place to start looking.

Read scientific work produced by creation researchers. It is important to familiarize yourself with the creation research that has already been done. These will be additional stepping stones on your journey to discover biblical creation. This is not just limited to what can be found in creationist literature. Many creation scientists have published in secular scientific journals as well. Click here for a number of creation articles and journals that may be of interest to you.

Get plugged into creation communities. Check out the organizations mentioned here. Many of these also have social media accounts that you can follow to get stay updated. Subscribe to email lists, websites, YouTube channels. Attend creation conferences if possible; whether in person or online. This is perhaps the best way to connect with actual creation scientists.

This list is in no way exhaustive, but hopefully it will help you on your journey in learning more about creation science. 

Creation Websites/Journals

Here at New Creation, we are hoping to be a launching pad for your scientific investigations. We want to point you to science resources and articles so that you can dig deep into the creation research process. Click here for our list of creation websites and journals.

While all these organizations may not agree on every aspect of their models, we think encompassing an array of opinions within creationism is helpful to the movement as a whole. As we read in Proverbs, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17, ESV). As we compare and contrast the various creationist models, it gives us the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses with the ultimate goal of developing a cohesive understanding of how to correlate the history of the created world to the history recorded in the Creator’s Word.

We discuss more of this and the history of creation research in these two posts: “History of Creation Research” and “Current & Future Research.”