Creation Colleges: What You Need to Know

Are you eager to learn more about creation science and investigate the beautiful world around us? Are you interested in contributing to the growing field of creation model building?

You should consider pursuing higher education if you haven’t already! Being involved in the world of academia has incredible benefits. Through educational institutions, you get access to vast libraries and can easily acquire journals, articles, and more. You also have the opportunity to use scientific instrumentation and equipment in order to do research and test predictions. Your findings and writings would also be subject to peer review for accountability within the scientific community. This is of extreme importance. There are many “lone wolf” creationists who hold to particular pet theories—these, however, don’t have the chance to get tested and reviewed by accredited scientists and are often misleading. Peer review is undeniably critical in scientific research and model building.1,2,3,4 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, getting involved in academia gives you connections and a community of like-minded people—believers who also have a passion for science and understanding how God made the world in the way that he did. The whole team here at New Creation thinks that this is one of the best aspects about finding a creation or creation-friendly institution to enroll in. 

That being said, this is a list of colleges that we would point you to in your journey. We have separated it by “creation-affirming”  institutions and “creation-sympathetic” institutions. The former represents those whose leadership affirms a biblical, young-age creation. The latter represents those who may have faculty or staff who hold to this position, or at least are friendly and sympathetic to it. This list is by no means complete. This is just a starting point! If you know of creation/creation-friendly institutions that are not on this list, please feel free to contact us and let us know. We are only including those with accredited degrees in the STEM field. While we recognize that there are many more colleges and universities that affirm a young-earth, they do not offer degrees in the sciences. 

We included lists of degrees available at the time of this publishing. This does not mean that all faculty/staff in these departments are themselves young-age creationists. The list is not exhaustive.

Creation-Affirming Institutions

  • Cedarville University
    • Geology, B.S. 
    • Biology, B.S. 
    • Molecular Biology, B.S.
    • Mathematics, B.S.
    • Environmental Science, B.S. 
    • Chemistry, B.S.
    • Computer Science, B.S.
    • Physics, B.S.
  • Liberty University
    • Biology, B.S.
    • Chemistry, B.S.
    • Computer Science, B.S.
    • Environmental Biology, B.S.
    • Mathematics, B.S.
    • Physics, B.S.
    • Zoo & Wildlife Biology, B.S.
    • Anatomy and Cell Biology, Ph.D.
  • The Master’s University
    • Biology, B.S. and B.A.
    • Geoscience, B.S. 
    • Engineering & Computer Science, B.S.
    • Mathematics, B.A.
  • Bryan College
    • Biological Science,  B.S. and B.A.
    • Chemistry, B.A. 
    • Environmental Sciences, B.S.
    • Mathematics, B.S.
  • Calvary University
    • Chemistry, B.S.
    • Computer Science, B.S.
    • Mathematics, B.S.
    • Interdisciplinary in Biology and Chemistry, B.S. 
  • Bob Jones University
    • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, BS
    • Biology, B.S.
    • Chemistry, B.S.
    • Engineering, B.S.
    • Physics, B.S.

Creation-Sympathetic Institutions

  • Loma Linda University
    • Biology, M.S.
    • Biology, Ph.D.
    • Earth Sciences, Ph.D.
    • Geology, B.S.
    • Geology, M.S. 
    • Natural Science, M.S. 
  • Biola University
    • Biochemistry, B.S.
    • Biological Science, B.S.
    • Human Biology, B.S.
    • Chemistry, B.S.
    • Mathematics, B.S.
    • Physical Science, B.S.
    • Physics, B.S.
    • Applied Physics, B.S.


[1] The Biblical Basis for Peer Review

[2] Creationism, Science and Peer Review 

[3] The Importance and Necessity of Quality Peer Review

[4] Peer Review in Creation Research

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robert byers
robert byers
October 8, 2021 6:58 PM

Great article for youths to gets the credits and some help in thinking about creationism and meet people. In short to get smarter and get a job in it somehow.
I don’t agree peer review matters as its just saying OTHER PEOPLEB justify your research. they don’t. its on the evidencev and if you have smarter ideas you don’t others to agree. God was never peer reviewed. The bible does not need peer review.
A problem in schools is censorship and punishment and oppression aimed also at creationists. You must be smart to avoid the present wicked opposition powers.

Timothy R. Brophy
October 9, 2021 5:00 AM

@LibertyU is most definitely a Creation-Affirming Institution! Not sure how we didn’t make that list. We have a Center for Creation Studies, active creationist research, and a Creation Studies minor. Let’s talk, New Creation Blog! A little help, @sciencefaithfun?

October 10, 2021 8:13 PM

Who besides God himself was involved in the creation of men? We cannot forget that GOD said: Genesis 1:v.26-CJB- “Let us make humankind in OUR image, in the likeness of ourselves…; verse 27 – So God created humankind in HIS OWN image; in the image of GOD He created him: male and female He created them.

King James Version-Genesis 1:v.26-Let us make MAN in OUR image, after OUR likeness… The Word of GOD is not revealing the creation of one MAN or a MAN, but to create MAN or HUMANKIND, many, many. 

1 – Who was with GOD to share or to participate in the creation of MAN or humankind, in His own image, but in the likeness of them both or of themselves? 

2 – What or how was/is his image, the image of the Spirit of GOD? Yeah, an image that could be said to have been or is created in the image and likeness of God? The Scriptures have a crystal answer how was/is the image of GOD, in whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

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