Did God Use Natural Processes to Create the Universe?

The thought of God using natural processes to construct the universe is often met with opposition from many Christians: “Creation was supernatural, how can you say God used ‘natural processes?!’” Yet this is a common mistake that equates natural laws with impersonal forces. We must remember that it is God who sustains this universe using natural laws that He Himself enforces. God is “personally” involved when it rains, when the crops grow, and when the sun shines. Naturalists have fooled themselves into thinking that these regularities are somehow impersonal.

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Yet Scripture declares that it is God who sends the rain (Mathew 5:45), it is God who controls the weather (Job 38:33 – 37), and it is God who upholds the very elements of the universe (Hebrews 1:3). God uses regular (natural) processes and irregular (supernatural) ones to accomplish His will.

God is just as much involved in causing a mountain to grow today as He was during Creation Week. God’s using regular naturalistic mechanisms to form objects during the Creation Week in no way detracts from His glory any more than it detracts from His glory when sustaining the creation using the exact same mechanisms today.

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robert byers
robert byers
November 5, 2021 4:55 PM

The natural is Gods idea and so is not supernatural to him. He made everything on creation week and then hands off. it runs itself. Or did before the fall.
Since then natural processes are utilized and probably supernatural is not a real thing. its all natural but in greater equations. .

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