Free Resources

Enjoy access to free videos, podcasts, books, and articles using the links below from Biblical and reputable creationists. 

Is Genesis History Youtube Page 
Check out extra clips, interviews, and conference lectures from scientists and theologians involved with “Is Genesis History?”

Let’s Talk Creation Podcast
Dr. Todd Wood and Dr. Paul Garner cover issues in creationism, sharing their personal experiences and answering difficult scientific questions. 

Creation Unfolding Blog 
Dr. Ken Coulson, geologist and author of Creation Unfolding, provides links to his book, publications, blog posts and video discussions all focused on creation questions.

Digging for Truth YouTube Page
Scott Lanser and Henry Smith discuss biblical archaeology on a weekly TV show. Episodes are available on YouTube. This is part of the ministry of Associates for Biblical Research. 

I’m a Creationist…Get Me Out Of Here!
How should a young scientist navigate a secular setting in academia while holding fast to a biblical model of Creation? Dr. Paul Garner sets out to encourage and equip Christians studying science to stand firm in school or college. 

Faith, Reason, & Earth History Free Download
How do science and faith interact? Can we really do good science and hold to a creationist worldview? Dr. Leonard Brand and Dr. Arthur Chadwick wrote this textbook to explain how compatible faith and science really are. Download the book for free using the link provided by the Geoscience Research Institute or by clicking here.

Faith, Reason & Earth History Video Series
Dr. Leonard Brand has provided supplemental videos to explain concepts from his textbook co-written by Dr. Arthur Chadwick. 

Earth History Research Center
Take a look at scientific projects and published papers from scientists at Southwest Adventist University.

e-Origins Journal
Read free articles written by scientists in a way that is easy to read, while maintaining rich scientific discussions and creationist models.

Biblical Science Institute
Dr. Jason Lisle provides sources for defending a biblical worldview and creationism, providing scientific and apologetic articles, podcasts, videos, and more. 

The Creation Club | A Place for Biblical Creationists to Share and Learn
A place for creationists to connect, share ideas and opinions, and discuss scientific research, while standing together on a Biblical worldview.